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AQUA SPARKLE - blue/green Toki, hand carved in New Zealand from rare Aotea stone.

This Toki is carved from a rare New Zealand stone - Aotea - with its glorious and distinctive blue colour. Pieces carved from this material are uncommon and sought after. We've named this piece AQUA SPARKLE not just for its aqua colour but also when you hold this piece in your hands and move it around in the light, it sparkles! Subtle yet so distinct.

Take a look at the photos and watch the very brief video to get a feel for the form and colour of this toki, it is a lovely piece. AQUA SPARKLE is a unique, and one-off piece of jewellery. It is bright and bold and if you're comfortable wearing something that is certain to draw attention you will love this gorgeous piece - it will be the one for you!

Aotea stone is found in one remote location in the South West of New Zealand. It is rarer than Pounamu and is valued for its beauty. It has long been used by Māori for jewellery, trade and to gift. The wonderful blue colour comes from the mineral Kyanite.


The toki, or adze, is a symbol of strength. The adze was a key survival tool, so the owner of a good one was believed to be strong and powerful. They were used to carve ocean-going waka (sea canoes) and to build central meeting houses so they played a central role in traditional life of māori.

These pendants are traditionally worn for strength and courage - to assist through life's challenges.

We will ship this beautiful pendant to you with DHL Express Courier, with a hand plaited and adjustable cord.

Also included, one of our 'Kia Ora' cards, which explains the meaning behind the Toki design.

Delivered to you with DHL Express Courier.

MeaningCourage ~ Wisdom ~ Authority

Artist: Alex Sands Studio

Material: New Zealand Aotea Stone

Cord: Black/Khaki Combo Cord with Khaki Binding

Length: Adjustable

Size: 88mm (3.4") long, 37mm (1.4") wide

$458.00 NZD
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