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KORURU - MĀTAURANGA - Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding

Guardian figures like this Koruru are believed to provide guidance and support and assist in achieving a more fulfilled and happier life. They are often seen carved in wood and sit in the gable of a Meeting House. The face traditionally would represent the head of an ancestor of that house, so they have a significant history in Māori culture.

KORURU - MĀTAURANGA is a beautiful piece, a traditional design steeped in Māori culture. The artist describes the meaning and spirituality that informed him while carving KORURU - MĀTAURANGA in some detail and we will supply this description with the carving.

This is a taonga which symbolises the receiving of powerful blessings that empower the physical being, their ability to communicate and think.

The materials used are a blend of Bone and New Zealand Pāua Shell inlay for the eyes.

This is an outstanding piece of traditional carved art. It is provided with an adjustable cord and can be worn as a pendant. The quality of the carving and the traditional design are exceptional - KORURU - MĀTAURANGA is a collectible piece of art.

The artists words below...

This Koruru (face of the guardian) is named Koruru - Mātauranga which means knowledge, wisdom, understanding.

It is the function of such guardian figures to assist us in our daily life by guiding us in ways that are leading us to ultimate happiness. A guardian angel so to speak. Sometimes they may appear in a wrathful aspect so to scare away or pacify negative or malevolent forces. The markings on the Koruru tell a story. The top of the head is reminiscent of a crown. It is also clear of any markings. This symbolises the state of purity and joy within our innermost being when we develop our spiritual life.

The notches on the forehead above the eyes symbolise the influence of Tipuna or ancestors whose influence effects our daily activities. It therefore symbolises the two bloodlines coming together into one. The lineage of whānau. At another level it represents spiritual guides and teachers who lead us to correct paths that produce pure happiness.

The eyes are inlays of Pāua. I have left the area around them clear. This symbolises the power to ‘see’ clearly. By seeing, I mean with wisdom eyes that induces inner peace. With wisdom we can overcome all challenges and navigate our life skilfully. This is greater than any worldly intelligence we may possess.

The large protruding tongue contains markings that symbolise special instructions, beautiful sounds, oral wisdom, and speech that creates a joyful and meaningful life. The markings on the tongue also symbolises that we each are responsible for the decisions we make and at an even deeper level, they depict how the external world reflects our own mind. At another level they symbolise two becoming one. Ultimate Union. The mouth is one of the main entrances to the body. Through this we receive nourishment. This taonga therefore symbolises receiving powerful blessings that empower our spirit, soul, and body.

We provide this piece with a note from the artist to the holder of this carving.

Artist: Andrew Doughty

Material: Bone with Pāua Shell inlay eyes

Cord Colour: Brown

Cord Length: Adjustable

Size: 70mm (2.7") long; 27mm (1") wide

Certificate of Authenticity - Registration: 100-515 (held by the Artist)

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