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A wonderful tiki - beautifully carved with lots of detail, this is visually a very strong piece. INSIGHT is carved from deer antler, a material with a tremendous natural character which suits this carving perfectly.

View the photos, and the video, to appreciate the craftsmanship evident in this carving. Note the variation in the antler between the front and the back - the back is slightly more porous and gives the pendant a beautiful organic look and feel.

The tiki is a well recognised symbol in Maori culture, but also has historical roots in Hawaiian and wider Polynesian cultures. It is believed to symbolise fertility, and was often worn by women as a symbol representing fecundity. Its form is believed to represent a human embryo, often carved with the hands placed on the loins in what is believed to be a direct reference to fertility.

These pendants were traditionally highly valued and wearers were seen to possess clarity of thought, loyalty, great inner knowledge and strength of character.

We will deliver this beautiful Tiki on a plaited black adjustable cord

Delivery with Express Courier is included in the price.

Material: Deer Antler with Pāua shell eyes

Cord Colour: Black

Cord Length: Adjustable

Size: 36mm (1.4") long; 66mm (2.6") wide

CHF 162.00 CHF 115.00
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