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133 products

Rebirth ~ Purity ~ Peace Koru is the Māori word for 'loop'. The spiral...

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Hei tiki

12 products

Fertility ~ Fortune ~ Creation The Tiki is a very ancient symbol and is...

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Twist ~ Pikorua

36 products

Friendship ~ Knowledge ~ Love The Pikorua or single twist shape represents the eternal...

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Hand Carved Adze / Toki

82 products

Courage ~ Wisdom ~ Authority A symbol of courage and strength in times of...

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Fish hook / Hei Matau

73 products

Prosperity ~ Abundance ~ Fertility Much of Māori theology was based around the sea - Māori crossed...

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31 products

Guide ~ Protect ~ Communicate The Māori people have many legends about the creation of the...

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Moana / Ocean

88 products

Guard ~ Protect ~ Nurture The South Pacific is populated by island peoples who...

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Ancestor / Wheku

0 products

Ancestor ~ Heritage ~ Spirit Wheku, meaning 'carved face', depicts the face of an ancestor....

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521 products

Traditional carving is evolving continually and this produces some wonderful contemporary pieces that incorporate...

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