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This piece is called RANGIPŌ - it is carved from a dark piece of Marsden Jade with beautiful pale inclusions along the length of both sides of the stone - it is very striking. 

This is a beautifully balanced piece - you can see that it has quite a long slim form. It is carved like this to distribute the weight more evenly along the length of the adze. A beautiful and meaningful detail are the rings carved into the hilt - these signify a movement from the past to the present, and from darkness to light. Pieces of this significance are carved with history in mind and often tell a story that has links to the past.

When you hold this piece, it feels a lot lighter than it is - these were made to parry a taiaha and strike the arm or shoulder to disable your opponent. The shape and weight distribution are designed to allow quick movements with what is really quite a heavy weapon. The hilt was then used in a backhand strike to the temple - all fairly gruesome stuff!
Size wise this piece is 19.1 inches (485mm) long and 3.7 inches (95mm) wide at the widest part of the blade. The little stand is made from a piece of river boulder that Ric collects from the beach in front of his house. I love the small size of the stand - it really presents the mere with no distraction.

The Mere is a type of short, broad-bladed weapon in the shape of an enlarged tear drop. These were traditional weapons used for hand to hand fighting - usually made from Whalebone and wood. Jade mere were often carried by Māori Chiefs as a symbol of their leadership and their standing in their iwi. Today you will often see mere carried by leaders in formal ceremonial occasions.


Artist: Ric Moor

Material: New Zealand Marsden Jade, Pounamu with River Boulder Stand

Size of RANGIPŌ: 485mm (19.1 inches) long, 95mm (3.7 inches) wide


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