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TE ARAHI KI TE MARAMA - Leading to the light

Hand carved for us by Andrew Doughty. This is exquisite bone art - a beautifully handcrafted, thoughtful bone carving, made to be worn.

This beautiful Matau is carved from natural stained bone with eyes inlaid in Pāua Shell.

TE ARAHI KI TE MARAMA is perfect for you if you like handcrafted, traditional art to wear, and if you appreciate the finest craftsmanship.

The artist has decorated these pieces with particular carved detail - these have meaning for the design beyond that associated with this style of Manaia. We will let Andrew do the talking...

TE ARAHI KI TE MARAMA as described by Andrew below...

There are many levels of meaning associated to this specific Hei Matau (Fishhook). It has been named Te Arahi ki te Marama which translates to Leading to the Light. The essence of this taonga communicates that we can be led by the spirit(s) of the world, or by the divine Spirit of the Atua of the universe.

The tail of the Manaia has transformed into a koruru. At one level, this represents the one being guided and carried through life. At another level, it also symbolises the synthesis of wisdom flowing forth into the world. The arms and hands of this figure are seen to be making an offering. This in itself has deep significance. At one level it is an offering to the divine. At another level it is an offering to whānau. To awhi them, tautoko them, offering shelter and support. This also represents the manifestation of a spiritual gift.

The main basis of this large Hei Matau consists of the Manaia. In general, a Manaia hook is a symbol of good luck and spiritual protection. The Manaia (or spiritual guardian) is the profile of a Tiki. This is symbolic of being half in this world and half in the spirit world. They are the bearers of messages. They can be likened to representations of Angels.

The fishhook signifies abundance, nourishment, and strength. As such it attracts the energies of peace, prosperity, and good health. A fishhook is a symbol that provides safe journey over water. Therefore, it is considered a good luck charm by travellers and seafarers. At the bottom of the taonga is a Koru. This symbolises a chrysalis, the holding of many potentials. It is the transformation, growth and the opening of inner peace. Within this are the hopes for the future and this forms a solid foundation for the Manaia to “take off” from. The patterns running along the taonga are outward flowing potentials of our innermost being.

Additionally, on the back there is a kowhaiwhai pattern running up the inside of the taonga. It represents the flow of life. All things are interconnected. Every decision, every thought, every action. Although you have strong connection to who have those gone before you, it also symbolises that you are indeed your own man. You oversee your own life, decisions, and direction. Free to choose. But never alone. Always supported and loved.

Included in your package is a note of the carving from the artist.

Shipping is included in the price.

We will also include our 'Kia Ora' cards, which explains the meaning behind the design.


MeaningGuide ~ Protect ~ Communicate

Artist: Andrew Doughty

Material: Natural Bone with Pāua Shell

Cord Colour: Beige

Cord Length: Adjustable

Size: 79mm (3.1") long; 35mm (1.4") wide

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