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ĀHURU - To be Warm, Comfortable

This is a wonderful carving - an organic, weighty and beautiful representation of a TANIWHA - carved in bone.  

TANIWHA are supernatural beings that play a central role in Māori legend. They are believed to be tribal guardians - protectors.

This piece was carved for us by Andrew Doughty - he has named it ĀHURU which means to be warm and comfortable - to travel in safety.

We will include a lengthy description of this piece - detail on the meaning behind the detail in the carving by the artist.

ĀHURU is a guardian! Worn to instil courage and to protect.

A perfect piece if you like original and beautifully crafted artwork.

This is a 3 dimensional piece so take a moment to watch the short video, it will give you a good perspective of the high standard of craftsmanship.

The artists words below...

This Taniwha is named Āhuru which means to be warm, comfortable.

This is a type guardian referred to as a Taniwha. There are many types of Taniwha. A Taniwha is a guardian of a specific location and usually associated with a body of water. Taniwha represent the life force (mauri) of a place in physical form. They were seen as a constant presence in waterways, ensuring that fish and other resources remain plentiful.

The flowing current of life is symbolised by the flow of Koru pervading the body of the Taniwha. Sometimes we are riding the rapids and making fast progress. Sometimes it is turbulent. At other times, the current is slow and gentle. As such, this carving is symbolic of riding and navigating these currents safely.

This Taniwha has two wings. They enable it to rise above dangers and surrounds it during such times. This symbolises strong protection. They also represent love and spiritual wisdom. Just as a bird needs two birds to fly, so too we need both love and spiritual wisdom to live a balanced and harmonious life.

There are three inlays of pāua along the wing. These symbolise the spirit, soul and body. Three aspects of our nature. Alternatively, they symbolise the holy unity.

On the back of the tail there is a kowhaiwhai pattern running up the body. Because these are hidden on the back, this symbolizes our great potentials for pure happiness. The power to arise and possess great strength and wisdom.

Included in your package is a note of the carving from the artist.

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MeaningGuide ~ Protect ~ Communicate

Artist: Andrew Doughty

Material: Bone with Pāua Shell

Cord Colour: Dark Brown

Cord Length: Adjustable

Size: 68mm (2.7") long; 40mm (1.5") at widest point

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