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INNER STRENGTH - find you strength within and you will be unstoppable!

Hand carved in whalebone, a little work of art! A complex and beautifully carved rendition of the traditional tiki. 

INNER STRENGTH is a beautifully expressive carving, detailed and precise - a wonderful piece of hand made art to wear!

The Tiki is a very ancient symbol and, while quickly recognised, is by far the least understood of traditional carved designs. There are a number of legends in relation to its meaning. Some say the Tiki came from the stars and that he was the first man of the world. Other theories suggest that tiki represents the human embryo - forming life. He is believed to have a strong link to the sea - often being depicted with webbed feet. 

The inlaid eyes are made from our beautiful and richly coloured cold water Pāua Shell. This is an enchanting and original piece of art.

Whale bone is quite porous and will absorb body oils. It will take on a golden colour over time. Local belief would say that the pendant becomes a part of you.

INNER STRENGTH is an impressive, authentic carving which will develop further character through wearing. A beautiful piece of traditional art, hand made to wear.

Hei-Tiki: The tiki is a well recognised symbol in Maori culture, but also has historical roots in Hawaiian and wider Polynesian cultures. It is believed to symbolise fertility, and was often worn by women to enhance their fertility. Its form is believed to represent a human embryo, often carved with the hands placed on the loins, like this one, in what is believed to be a direct reference to fertility.

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Will also include our 'Kia Ora' card, which will explain the meaning behind the Tiki design.

Meaning: Good Fortune ~ Fertility ~ Creation

Material: Whalebone with Pāua Shell Eyes

Cord Colour: Wapiti Brown cord with Kalahari Popper

Cord Length: Adjustable

Size: 63mm (2.5") long; 37mm (1.4") wide

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