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KORURU - APA MĀTAURANGA: Spiritual Blessings of Wisdom

We are absolutely delighted to have this outstanding piece available. APA MĀTAURANGA is a large and beautifully carved piece of jewellery. parts very traditional, and with some wonderful personal touches from the artist. 

The jade used for this carving is New Zealand Kawakawa pounamu which is the strongest and darkest of the stones and contains some black flecks that bring a notable character. It's named after the native Kawakawa plant which was traditionally used for its culinary and medicinal properties. This symbolises strength of the great protector. If you shine light through this pounamu you can see the wonderful translucently of this Taonga. It also contains some weka's blood (not literally), but rather the red flecks and aspects that are also illuminated when a light is shone through the stone. This makes the stone even more special. Jade with these red veins is called 'totoweka' - the blood of the weka.

This Koruru is a Guardian figure. These are believed to to provide guidance and support and assist in achieving a more fulfilled and happier life. They are often seen carved in wood and sit in the gable of a Meeting House. The face traditionally would represent the head of an ancestor of that house, so they have a significant history in Māori culture.

This is a beautiful piece, carved with a great deal of care and thought. The artist describes it's meaning as follows...

The markings on the Koruru tell a story:

  • the pattern on the forehead symbolises powerful healing energy and represents the opening of our wisdom eyes.
  • the pāua inlay in the centre symbolise the wisdom eye. It averts mental dullness and opens our mind to its natural clarity.
  • the markings under the eyes symbolise the characteristic of effort.
  • the mouth is small, and this represents the great skill of listening. Although as it is slightly open this depicts a readiness to benefit others through the wisdom of speech. The tongue flicks around the back to represent the holding of secret wisdom.
  • the back contains an inlay of Mother of Pearl. This represents our innermost being. That which is already perfect and clear.
  • The copper inlay between the Pounamu and bone depicts the conducting, channelling and creation of great power.

The materials used are a blend of New Zealand Kawakawa Pounamu (Jade), Bone, Pāua Shell, Mother of Pearl on the back and Copper.

Artist: Andrew Doughty

Material: New Zealand Kawakawa Pounamu, Bone, Pāua, Mother of Pearl and Copper

Cord Colour: Black

Cord Length: Adjustable

Size: 104mm (4.1") long; 26mm (1") wide

Certificate of Authenticity - Registration: 300-482 (held by the Artist)

$1,777.00 NZD
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