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CHERISH - hand carved from BURMITE AMBER.

This is a striking piece - the most gorgeous clear amber colour with lots of organic material captured in the resin. This is a real little window into the ancient past.

Around 100 million years old - this material is fossilised amber and comes from Northern Myanmar. We bought the raw material on a recent trip to Myanmar - it comes from the Hukawang Valley in the Kachin Province.

This piece has a number of tiny insects embedded in the amber - we have taken some magnified photos to show these. They are difficult to see with the naked eye but are forever captured in this lovely piece of jewellery. Who knows, they may have rubbed shoulders with the dinosaurs.

Burmite has been used by the Chinese to make jewellery since around 200BCE. They believe that it is a symbol of courage and bravery and that it contains the soul of a tiger. We are enjoying carrying on the tradition!

Look at the photos and watch the brief video - you'll appreciate the gorgeous colours in this ancient material.


Delivered with DHL Express Courier.

Material: Burmite - Burmese Amber

Sterling Silver Chain; Length: 45cm

Size: 47mm (1.8") long, 24mm (0.9") wide

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