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OUR SECRET - a large and unique, hand carved drop pendant made from BURMITE.

This is a lovely organic piece of amber that we've left largely unaltered, just polished it until it glows in a wonderful golden tone.

The clarity of the amber reveals an array of ancient inclusions - bits and pieces of organic materials that were captured in this piece when it formed. When backlit you can also see the fractured internal nature of the material. Burmite is a resin which has been formed during periods when mountains have been forced upward - the resultant high pressure and temperatures alter the structure of the resin and create the fascinating internal fractures and waves. These are not faults, rather a reflection of the process that has created this gorgeous material.

This is an imperfect little work of art - shaped by nature in the Cretaceous Period and containing remnants of life that existed alongside the dinosaurs.

An unassuming and lovely piece of jewellery that contains as many surprises as do you!


Delivered with DHL Express Courier and provided with a 45cm Sterling Silver Chain.

Material: Burmite - Burmese Amber

Sterling Silver Chain; Length: 45cm

Size: 49mm (1.9") long, 32mm (1.2") wide

$315.00 NZD
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