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The Manaia is regarded as a kind deity that protects people and helps them communicate with their ancestors. It is regarded as a mythical being with a bird’s head a human body and fish tail. It is believed to be the invisible light, or aura, surrounding a person.

Most Maori art tells the story of a tribe or event. The manaia form is blended into many Maori designs with subtle differences between tribes. It has many forms as it is intertwined with other shapes and patterns to depict its different powers and its interaction with the spirit or mortal worlds.

This particular manaia has the traditional head of a bird, a hook-shaped body and it culminates into a gentle koru. A lovely necklace that will become a treasured pendant with a strong spiritual significance.

The Hook: In New Zealand Maori tradition the fish hook represents prosperity, abundance, strength and determination and is also worn to show a respect for the ocean. Wear this amulet for safety when travelling, particularly over water.

The Koru: The unfurling frond shape is symbolic of new life, new beginnings and the hope that is associated with a step into something new and unknown. It is a reflection of the spirit of rejuvenation and the personal growth that comes with undertaking new challenges.

We will provide this with an adjustable, hand-plaited cord and will also include our 'Kia Ora' cards, which explains the meaning behind the Manaia, Hook and Koru designs.

Delivered with DHL Express Courier

MeaningGuide ~ Protect ~ Communicate

Material: Nephrite Jade

Cord: Black; Length: Adjustable

Size: 49mm (1.9") long, 28mm (1.1") wide

$378.00 NZD
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