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Koruru: face of guardian

This piece is named HARIKOA NUI - Very Joyful

We are absolutely delighted to have this outstanding piece available. HARIKOA NUI is a large and beautifully carved traditional Koruru. 

The jade used for this carving is New Zealand Kawakawa pounamu - with a little totoweka through it. Totoweka is a red tinged jade given this name because early Māori thought its colour resembled that of the blood of a weka. The weka is a native, flightless bird endemic to New Zealand and was an early source of food - they are now protected.

This Koruru is a Guardian figure. These are believed to to provide guidance and support and assist in achieving a more fulfilled and happier life. They are often seen carved in wood and sit in the gable of a Meeting House. The face traditionally would represent the head of an ancestor of that house, so they have a significant history in Māori culture.

This is a beautiful piece, carved with a great deal of care and thought. The artist describes it in some detail and we will supply this description with the carving. Briefly it's meaning is as follows...

The markings on the Koruru tell a story:

  • the pattern on the forehead symbolises the opening of our wisdom eye - this is believed to improve clarity of vision 
  • the pāua eyes symbolise seeing the colours of life and the circles carved around the eyes represent protection of this vision.
  • the markings on the cheeks depict the means to receive blessings that empower the mind
  • the protruding tongue has subtle markings that represent the purity of speech - oral wisdom and speech that creates a joyful and meaningful life. These markings also symbolise the twists and turns that every life faces
  • on the back there are two interconnected koru which signify groundedness, agility and strength.

The materials used are a blend of New Zealand Pounamu (Jade), bone, buffalo horn and pāua shell.

We provide this piece with a note from the artist to the holder of this carving.

Artist: Andrew Doughty

Material: Bone, Pounamu, Buffalo horn and Pāua

Cord: Black; Length: Adjustable

Size: 148mm (5.8") long; 29mm (1.1") wide

Certificate of Authenticity - Registration: 300-363 (held by the Artist)

$1,650.00 NZD
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