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A gorgeous whalebone hook pendant that we've named PINK PLEASURE. It is delightfully fine despite being carved from this awesome material. Really the perfect piece for you if you'd like something carved from this iconic material, but don't want a piece that is visually overwhelming.

Legend has it that New Zealand was once a huge fish that was caught by the great mariner Maui using a line of woven plant fibre and a bone hook - so the hook, or matau, is central to our Islands.

This is a relatively lightweight pendant, but still visually arresting - a great gift, or something a little different for yourself.

The matau, or hook pendant is revered throughout the South Pacific as a symbol for life, well-being and prosperity. Its significance arises from the key role that fishing has played in sustaining island families and communities. The owner of a good hook was respected and held a place of authority in the community.

Whale bone is quite porous and will absorb body oils. It will take on a golden colour over time. Local belief would say that in this way, the pendant becomes a part of you.

Shipping is free and we will be provide one of our 'Kia Ora Cards' explaining the meaning behind the hook design.

For Sale in New Zealand Only

Meaning: Prosperity ~ Abundance ~ Fertility

Artist: Alex Sands

Material: Whalebone

Cord: Pale Honey with Old Fashioned Pink Binding; Length: Adjustable

Size: 69mm (2.7") long; 38mm (1.5") wide

$198.00 NZD
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