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A beautiful, time-worn Rei Puta pendant hand carved from whale bone. This piece is a great example of the granular structure of whale bone - earthy and primal. It is carved from a particularly interesting piece - striated and wearing its history openly. The bone used was recovered from a beached Sperm whale.

This carving is bound with a Olive Green/Wapiti Brown coloured plaited cord with Wapiti Brown binding along the ridge - an impressive, authentic carving which will develop further character through wearing.

Whale bone is quite porous and will absorb body oils. It will take on a golden colour over time. Local belief would say that the pendant becomes a part of you.


This is a traditional form of an ancient shape, the Rei Puta. These pendants were carved as a way to pass intergenerational information down through the generations. The specific design contained familial information and was a way to preserve and relate this to following generations.

It is a decorative piece which is in keeping with the early use of this shape as an ornamental pendant - commonly worn by men and women. These shapes were worn by Māori who met James Cook when he first visited New Zealand in the late 18th century.

For sale only in New Zealand.

Meaning: Courage ~ Wisdom ~ Authority

Artist: Alex Sands

Material: Whalebone

Cord: Olive Green/Wapiti Brown with Wapiti Brown Binding; Length: Adjustable

Size: 98mm (3.8") long; 28mm (1.1") wide

$255.00 NZD
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