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Kaitiaki - Guardian Māori Mask


This is a contemporary interpretation of an ancient shape, the Rei Puta.

A large and visually striking piece with a whole heap of detail and depth. TOKI MOKO is carved from a stunning piece of Waimea jade that came from a smallish creek in New Zealand's Southern West Coast. We are absolutely thrilled to have a piece of this quality to offer you.

Although set up as a pendant, this really is a sculptural piece. This type of carving is often framed. So that's the opportunity if you like one of these - put it in a frame.

These pendants were carved as a way to pass information down through the generations. The specific design contained familial information and was a way to preserve and relate this to following generations.

The binding along the top edge represents hair and the etching in the front face is a Moko. The notches on each side are called 'Whakapapa Notches' and they are used to represent your ancestors - your lineage.

It is a decorative piece which is in keeping with the early use of this shape as an ornamental pendant - commonly worn by men and women. These shapes were worn by Māori who met James Cook when he first visited New Zealand in the late 18th century.

Delivered with DHL Express Courier.

Meaning: Courage ~ Wisdom ~ Authority

Material: New Zealand Waimea Jade (Pounamu).

Artist: Raegan Bregmen

Cord: Black; Length: Adjustable

Size: 98mm (3.8") long, 58mm (2.3") wide at bottom


$1,400.00 NZD
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