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A beautifully carved whale trilogy pendant, hand-crafted by us from Woolly Mammoth Tusk. We have designed these gorgeous pendants to pay homage to the whale - gentle giants of the deep.

The Mammoth Tusk used for this piece is CERTIFIED 34,690 YEARS OLD (+/- 815 years). 

We had our mammoth material carbon dated to get an accurate measure of its age. The testing was done for us by GNS Science, a New Zealand Crown Research Institute and New Zealand's leading provider of Earth, geoscience and isotope research - so their assessment of this material is as accurate as is possible using radiocarbon dating technology.  

Here in the South Pacific whales are treasured as bearers of good luck and joy,   they are revered for their speed and strength. Whale pendants are believed to offer protection when travelling, especially over water. If you have had the good fortune to observe them in their natural habitat you will appreciate their gentle nature.

Physiologically whales have things in common with humans - spindle neurons in their brains, similar to ours, that are involved in social conduct, emotions and certain nurturing behaviours - perhaps that's why we feel such an empathy for these magnificent creatures of the deep.

We've carved these in beautiful, golden woolly mammoth tusk. Ancient material (over 10,000 years old) is perfect for these ocean predators whose history goes back 20 million years.

We deliver these on a hand-plaited, adjustable cord and shipping is free worldwide.

Use the drop-down box to select the pendant that you would like - use the cord colour as a guide.

MeaningGuard ~ Protect ~ Nurture

Material: Woolly Mammoth Tusk

Cord: Various; Length - Adjustable

Size: 36mm (1.4") diameter

$180.00 NZD
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