NZ Pacific was established as a family business by Sarah and Tony Van Praag back in 2011. They sourced and supplied products unique to the South Pacific, but particularly from New Zealand, and made these available to anyone interested in owning something beautiful from this corner of the world.

Our product focus has always been on things of beauty that are crafted from natural materials. We have always loved 'handmade with care', preferably by people that we know.

We now focus on handmade carvings from materials that come from the Pacific region, crafted by local artists.

We will continue to look for special things that we think are unique and difficult to find, and we will introduce these to you through our site. If there are things that you would like to source please drop us a line and let us know - we'll do our best to help you find them.

We remain a family business, but we've been productive and have added a couple of 'outlaws' to the mix - Seraina and Bo Gardner - so if you contact us you know who to ask for.

In the meantime take a look at some of the incredible craftsmanship this beautiful part of the world has to offer and enjoy your time with us.

E haere rā (goodbye)

Your team at NZ Pacific