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A beautifully carved sperm whale pendant. CACHALOT is a fabulous piece! Hand carved from bone, with beautiful markings on the tail and fins and then stained with a tea dye and polished. This is a little work of art.

Here in the South Pacific whales are treasured as bearers of good luck and joy, they are revered for their speed and strength. Whale pendants are believed to offer protection when travelling, especially over water. If you have had the good fortune to observe them in their natural habitat you will appreciate their gentle nature.

Physiologically they have things in common with humans - spindle neurons in their brains, similar to ours, that are involved in social conduct, emotions and certain nurturing behaviours - perhaps that's why we feel such an empathy for these magnificent creatures of the deep.

These ocean cruisers that can reach around 12-16 meters in length and up to 30 tonnes - these are mighty creatures - the largest toothed predator on earth - so it is a real pleasure to have one carved so beautifully for you.

Wear it, gift it - over to you, but one thing we're sure of, you will love this little necklace. The perfect pendant for those of you who love the ocean and the creatures that call it home.

We're in love with this special piece. Yuri has carved CACHALOT with immense skill and has created a beautiful and memorable representation of the whale.

We will ship this piece on a hand plaited, adjustable cord. Please use the drop down menu to select the cord colour that you would like.

Price Includes Delivery with DHL Express Courier.

Artist: Yuri Terenyi

Material: Natural Bone, Stained with Homemade Tea Dye

Cord Colour: Paradise Blue/Maui Blue or Khaki/Black Combo

Cord Length: Adjustable

Size: 20mm (0.8") long; 82mm (3.2") wide

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