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This is a fantastic work of ART TO WEAR!

A stone stack, carved in Red Jasper, Australian Black Jade, Green Jade with Sterling Silver post. The stones move freely on the post - up and down, round and round.

This piece is our rendition of Zen Stones - a naturally occurring phenomena where stones resting on an ice surface end up balanced on top of other stones in a fascinating, balanced stack. These stacked rocks have come to represent the balance between order and chaos - the balance of nature.

Zen stones represent mountains - their strength and indomitable spirit.

This is a beautiful piece of artistic jewellery. A reminder of those who came before you, they are calming and a confirmation that you are on the right path. You may have seen stacked stones in nature - a spiritual practice that has been undertaken for centuries across various cultures. You decide the meaning of each stone for you.

Jasper is a wonderful stone - deep blood red with silver inclusions - mysterious and fascinating! The Back Jade is a lovely deep, liquorice black, eye-catching - it glows! The Green Jade is a soothing and a calming addition - of great spiritual significance to many cultures.

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We provide this piece on a hand plaited, adjustable cord.

Meaning: Strength ~ Power ~ Balance

Material: Red Jasper Stone, Australian Black Jade, Green Jade with Sterling Silver

Cord Colour: Sage Green with Burgundy Floret

Cord Length: Adjustable

Size: 68mm (2.7") long; 42mm (1.6") wide 

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