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SING ME HOME - a hand carved traditional Māori Flute. 

These flutes are called 'Nguru' and are one of the smaller traditional flute designs. These are carved with a short bore which is semi-enclosed. This causes the air to swirl inside the flute producing a soft, haunting sound.

This piece is fully functioning and can be played (if you know how). Equally it is a beautiful piece of traditional art.

This piece is a work of art - beautifully stained with a tea-based dye and decorated with a traditional tiki design on the back.

We have taken a short video of this piece rotating so please take a look to view the beauty of this piece in 3D.

This, 'one only', collectors item has been carved from natural bone - hand carved by Yuri for us. It is a gorgeous piece and will find a well deserved place in your collection of traditional indigenous art.

Here is a description of these traditional Māori flutes that we have copied from the Te Papa (Museum of New Zealand) website:

'The nguru is a traditional nose flute that is unique to Aotearoa New Zealand. It has an up-turned snout end, into which the player exhales through one nostril, and two perforated holes, or 'note-stops' (wenewene), along the length of the stem, which produce melodious, low-sobbing notes that invoke the voice of Hineraukatauri, the female ancestral spirit of Māori music. Nguru can be made of wood, bone, stone, or whale ivory, and were often played at times of great sorrow, such as tangihanga (funerary events).'

Delivered with Express Courier in one of our wooden boxes.

Artist: Yuri Terenyi

Material: Stained Bone with Pāua Shell

Size: 98mm (3.8") long; 31mm (1.2") wide

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