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This tiki is a fantastic showcase of skilled jade carving - a beautiful piece of stone, a one only sculptural work of art with roots in tradition and wonderful craftsmanship.

Carved from a piece of top quality New Zealand Marsden Jade for us by master Jade carver Ross Crump.

Tiki have a long history in New Zealand and have been carved and worn by Māori for many generations. Their significance is deep-seated, they are culturally important pieces and are one of the most difficult designs to carve by hand. Every piece will have a story sitting behind its creation, and over time, a story behind its ownership and meaning to the family that owns the taonga.

Many tiki become heirlooms. They are treasured for the connections that they form with family ancestors, they are treated like a revered family member and respected for their spiritual presence.

THE MASTER'S design is largely traditional, but with a little creative license that gives it a singular relevance to our little corner of the world. The traditional elements are - an angled head, deep set and prominent eyes, a raised central ridge beneath the head representing the neck, and a touch that I particularly like - a little inverted v carved into the chest to represent the sternum - and hands braced on the thighs.

This is an extra large sized tiki - carved from gorgeous New Zealand pounamu. The craftsmanship is superb, look closely at the photos and you will see detail that perhaps isn't evident at first glance. The jade is a beautiful dark colour with splashes of orange included down one side and through the bottom - this is a 'one only' piece that will grace someone's collection.


The tiki is a well recognised symbol in Maori culture, but also has historical roots in Hawaiian and wider Polynesian cultures. It is believed to symbolise fertility, and was often worn by women who believed that it would promote fertility. Pregnant women wore tiki to promote a healthy and easy birth. They would wear the piece during the birth - and recite karakia, prayers, to the tiki asking for assistance in the birth of their child. Its form is believed to represent a human embryo, often carved with the hands placed on the loins in what is believed to be a direct reference to fertility.

These pendants were traditionally highly valued and wearers were seen to possess clarity of thought, loyalty, great inner knowledge and strength of character. 

The tiki is believed by some to have come from the stars, and was regarded as the 'first man'. He was (and still is) believed to have a positive influence on fertility, and to bring the wearer good luck.

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We provide this piece with a fixed length cord and Jade toggle.

We will ship to you with Express Courier.

Meaning: Fertility ~ Fortune ~ Creation

Material: New Zealand Marsden Jade, Pounamu

Artist: Ross Crump

Finish: Polished

Weight: 242 grams

Cord Colour: Manuka Green/Fern Green cord with Fern Green floret

Cord Length: Fixed with Jade Toggle - 42cm diameter

Size: 155mm (6.1") long; 95mm (3.7") wide

CHF 1,842.00
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