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We have some beautifully carved Australian Black Jade turtle pendants - these are the coolest little guys - detailed, shiny and totally adorable. If you have a soft spot for turtles you have to have one of these!

Watch the video (it's very brief) - you well get a good picture of the detail in the carving and the wonderful deep black colour of the jade that we use.

Turtles have long played a role in mythology in many cultures - in China they are a symbol of tenacity, longevity and power; in Japan it is the God of sea-going people and in North America ancient belief is that the 'World Turtle' carries the earth on its back!

Here in the South Pacific the turtle, or Honu, is a symbol of fertility, longevity and peace. The shell patterns are often seen in carvings and tattoos and are believed to represent family relationships and the concept of unity.

The sea turtle is also renowned for its navigational skills. They travel great distances and have an innate ability to find their way home.

These intricately and delicately carved pieces are very special - if you like the ocean and appreciate the many creatures that live in it, this little pendant is a fantastic, eye-catching piece.

We have two options for you - a black cord with pineapple floret or a black cord with snowstorm floret. Please use the drop-down to select the piece you would like to receive, using the coloured floret as your guide.

Delivered to you with Express Courier.

Material: Australian Black Jade

Cord Colour: Black

Cord Length: Adjustable

Size: 47mm (1.8") long; 33mm (1.3") wide 

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