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HIPOKI AROHA - Covering Love

Hand carved by Andrew Doughty

A description of this piece in the artist's words...

The basis of this taonga is a Manaia offering protection and covering to a smaller Manaia. The name of this piece is Hipoki Aroha which means Covering Love.

The two Manaia within this carving are interconnected. At one level, this is symbolic of one who is being held by love and protected by their coverage. At another level, this indicates that our nature is interconnected with all other living beings. As our lives are intricately woven together with the destinies of others, this can be viewed as the creation of a beautiful pattern.

The main Manaia head is facing inwards. This indicates that the most important part of human life is the inner Journey. Also, by looking deep into our heart, with honesty, we may be guided towards the one who bestows peace.

These Manaia have Pāua inlays for the eyes. This represents being able to see life’s colourful beauty and to be able to maintain a positive view.

When facing the front of the Manaia, the right wing is reminiscent of a cascading waterfall. Water will try and find the easiest route downhill, although when channelled through turbines, it is able to create power. This symbolises that which is the source of true spiritual power and indicates that by following correct paths and receiving grace, we receive eternal spiritual gifts. It is the infilling of the Wairua Tapu. This new life is represented by the inlay of pāua at the tip of the wing.

The smaller Manaia is holding onto the body of the main manaia which is symbolic of being part of something greater than oneself. From this, we receive protection and guidance.

The back of the Taonga contains a flow of koru patterns symbolising the currents and tides of the ocean. By understanding spiritual law, we able to submit to them and flow with joy. When we do not understand them, we can find ourselves fighting against the tide.

This beautiful Manaia is carved from natural, stained bone with eyes inlaid in Pāua Shell. These materials have been included to provide a connection to the physical world and to the spiritual realm. A full description of the carving's meaning is provided from the artist.

Andrew has paired this lovely double manaia with a Dark Brown adjustable cord and Brown popper.

Shipping is included in the price.

This pendant will be on a hand plaited adjustable cord.

We will also include our 'Kia Ora' cards, which explains the meaning behind the Manaia and Koru designs.


MeaningGuide ~ Protect ~ Communicate

Artist: Andrew Doughty

Material: Natural Bone and Pāua Shell

Cord Colour: Dark Brown

Cord Length: Adjustable

Size: 73mm (2.8") long; 40mm (1.5") wide

$1,111.00 NZD
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