About Us


We are a small team of Kiwis who love handmade artworks. The South Pacific is our backyard and we'd like to share with you the precious gifts this natural paradise has to offer. We specialize in hand-carved jewelry, made from natural products like jade, bone, pāua shell, and wooly mammoth tusk.



Our products are handmade by people who live throughout this corner of the world, and have a strong affinity with the land and sea. Our artists craft beautiful, wearable artworks from natural materials. Many of our pieces have a deep spiritual meaning – representing protection, determination, love, fertility, prosperity and peace. They are gifted and worn for these attributes.


Hei-matau, hook jade carving


We select all our carvings for their quality and beauty. We believe that they represent fantastic value for you. If you share our passion for handcrafted works of art spend a minute cruising through our site and enjoy our gifts from the land.


Our promise..

  • All our products are made from natural materials
  • Everything is handmade
  • We ship free
  • Fast despatch - we'll pack and send the day we receive your item
  • We will find beautiful, handcrafted wearable artworks for you
  • We want to hear from you – ask any questions and we’ll get you helpful answers

    Manaia - Māori jade carving from New Zealand


    Our carvers are dedicated to their art, to the materials they use, and to crafting authentic and meaningful carved jewellery. They are inspired by the creatures we share our land and sea with and the materials gifted from the oceans, mountains and rivers.

    When you own one of our products you will appreciate the creative artistry and respect that has been invested in their creation.

    Join our NZPacific Whānau (family) and have a look around - feel free to comment or ask questions.

    Kia Ora and welcome,

    Seraina, Tony, Bo and Sarah