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Does jade have mystical powers? Is it a 'healing' stone?

Does it bring the wearer luck and good health? 

We're curious to find out what you think - do you wear jade? Does it have a special meaning for you? Share your thoughts and experiences - read on and join the discussion.....

Jade has long been revered as a stone with special properties and uses. Some of these stemmed from the need for tough and robust tools and weapons, and some are more esoteric and spiritual - like the ancient tradition of casting a jade stone into the well as an offering to the water spirits, or wearing jade to remove the bad spirits from your body.

For around 6,000 years jade has held a very special place in a number of civilisations as a treasured stone. The Chinese have the longest recorded history of use. They value jade for its beauty and power to heal - it is their most revered stone. 

So what can jade do for you....

Well, if you accept its wide use as being a true reflection of jade's healing and mystical properties, here's a brief summary of the benefits wearing jade will bring.

It will:

  • comfort and soothe, regulate cardiac rhythm and calm your nerves
  • re-energise the weary - hold and handle a jade stone or pendant and you will be re-vitalised
  • it protects your children and pets from becoming lost or injured when travelling
  • it is the stone of love - promoting close and true relationships, and it is believed to help people find love later in life
  • jade will help you overcome feelings of guilt
  • it is believed to be a support stone for professionals, improving their decision making - particularly for those in the caring professions like doctors, nurses and healers
  • carved in a faith symbol shape, jade is worn by military personnel to protect and inspire them
  • bring harmony and happiness into business and family relationships

There are many other qualities jade is believed to have.... one thing is certain, it has a backstory, it's tough and very beautiful and it's gifted and worn by millions of people for their own personal reasons.



Here in New Zealand jade pendants are highly valued for their natural beauty but also for the spiritual or symbolic meaning their various shapes represent. Recently one of our paralympians, Liam Malone, related how he was travelling to Rio when he realised he'd left a jade pendant from his mother in his car. He wouldn't leave the country without his pounamu and had his father retrieve it and send it to him prior to his departure. This was something he mentioned after successfully competing - it was important and meaningful and I think in his mind played a part in his success.

What do you think? Share with us your reason for wearing a jade pendant, or armband, or why you carry a piece in your pocket. 

Thanks for sharing.

Cheers, Bo 


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