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PAPA KĀINGA - Original home

Hand carved for us by Andrew Doughty. This is exquisite bone art - a beautifully handcrafted, thoughtful bone carving, made to be worn.

This beautiful Matau is carved from natural stained bone.

In the artists words below...

This Matau, (fishhook) is called Papa Kāinga meaning Original Home. The fishhook signifies abundance, nourishment, and strength. As such it attracts the energies of protection, peace, prosperity, and good health. A fishhook is a symbol that symbolises safe journey over water.

The ocean surrounds New Zealand. On our land, there is a whole lot more water in our freshwater lakes and rivers. Therefore, fishing was very important to the Māori. Kai moana (fish and shellfish from the sea) played a very key role in nourishing the people.

Given the importance of the sea to Māori, it is easy to see why fishing was a sacred activity. Thus, the evolvement and development of various hooks was prevalent within Maori culture. Thousands of years ago, the ancestors of Māori journeyed out of South-East Asia and into the Pacific. They sailed in waka (canoes), and were some of the world's greatest canoe builders, navigators and mariners. Their ability to 'see beyond' the horizon was legendary.

The design on the front also has significance. The kowhaiwhai pattern symbolises the journey of life with all its twists and turns.

As the design arises and enters into the binding, it symbolises our mind being strong and containing hope, protection and inner peace. At another level it represents becoming united with the Tapu Wairua of the universe. From this we can take delight. As such, the Matau is symbolic of navigating life with wisdom and insight. This is attained through spiritual development. This is represented by the inlay of pāua.

It also represents the ability to attract fish and therefore be able to nourish oneself and whanau (family). Thus, one who is skilled with the lure is the shepherd who provides nourishment their loved ones. This is a metaphor for cherishing others.

Included in your package is a note of the carving from the artist.

Shipping is included in the price.

We will also include our 'Kia Ora' cards, which explains the meaning behind the design.


MeaningGuide ~ Protect ~ Communicate

Artist: Andrew Doughty

Material: Natural Bone with Pāua Shell

Cord Colour: Dark Brown

Cord Length: Adjustable

Size:95mm (3.7") long; 31mm (1.2") wide

$555.00 NZD
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