Our products are handmade by people who have a strong affinity with the land, sky and sea. Many of our pieces have a deep spiritual meaning – representing protection, determination, love, fertility, prosperity and peace. They are gifted and worn for these attributes.

If you are searching for something with a particular spiritual significance, you can use the navigation below to assist.



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The shapes and designs incorporated in these carvings symbolise spiritual and personal growth. The...

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Fertility has always been important for cultures across the world - the creation and...

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All you need is love.... relationships between individuals, within families and among communities were...

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A number of our carvings represent and convey strength. Particularly the Toki, or adze,...

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The Matau or Hook is traditionally regarded as the symbol of prosperity. A good...

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Mythically, these carvings offer protection to the people who wear them. They contain great...

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Travellers and adventurers across the centuries have lead the way in discovering new lands,...

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Elders have always held a special place in South Pacific cultures. They are respected...

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Early life in the Islands of the South Pacific was challenging and sometimes dangerous....

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