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FAR CRY - A spectacular, flower jade Manaia

FAR CRY is a large and visually confronting Manaia sculpture. It is carved from New Zealand Flower Jade - a nice piece of consistent stone that has allowed the very fine, detailed carving evident in this piece. The stand is made from recycled New Zealand Kauri timber - a a gorgeous hardwood with a beautiful golden colour. The metal frame holding the piece is brass.

This is an expressive piece - lots of detail around the head and through the central body. The eye is New Zealand cold water pāua shell - renowned for it vibrant colours. 

This sculpture will draw attention - it is a very strong carving. A beautiful piece of New Zealand art.

The Manaia: a mythical being believed to be the invisible light, or aura, surrounding a person. They represent spiritual power and are believed to be the guide that leads the spirits to heaven. They are worn to guide and protect. 

In a lot of wood carving I have seen the manaia is used to link carved stories - they are carved to provide connection which sits well with their perceived role as links between the earthly world and the spirit world. A fantastic traditional form with a lot of meaning that has possibly evolved over time, and continues to develop.

We will include our 'Kia Ora' card, which explains the meaning behind the Manaia design.

If you have any questions please email Bo: bo@nzpacific.com

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MeaningGood Fortune ~ Protection ~ Head in charge

Artist: Alex Sands Studio

Material: New Zealand Flower Jade with Kauri Stand

Jade Manaia Size: 190mm (7.4 inches) long; 95mm (3.7 inches) wide

Wooden Stand Size: 115mm (4.5 inches) wide; 250mm (9.8 inches) high

Height of Sculpture in its' entirety: 275mm (10.8 inches)

$4,830.00 NZD
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